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Keeping your home’s outdoor space looking nice, neat, and full of life can be tough work – especially for busy families looking to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Enter, Eastern Valley Landscaping.

Eastern Valley Landscaping offers a full range of landscaping services to add beauty to your home’s outdoor appearance and increase the value of your home.

Our services include:

Landscape Maintenance

A beautiful and long-lasting landscape starts with the proper choice of hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials. Attractive and well-designed plantings can enhance a home, create privacy, provide shade, and attract wildlife.

Tree, Shrub & Perennial Installation

We install a wide variety of plant material including trees, foundation plantings, and perennial borders. Plus, we invite you to share your ideas: we want to know what you are fond of, what colors and textures you like, and how we can make it happen. These may seem like small details, but the little things make a big impact in creating your unique landscape.

Seed & Sod Lawns

Whether grading a new lawn or fixing low-lying wet areas, we have the ability and expertise to solve even the toughest drainage issues. For new lawns, we utilize either the old-fashioned method of seeding and hydroseeding, as well as instant and fully-grown sod.

Landscape Design

A truly well-thought-out and professional design can add that certain element of elegance to your home, and should reflect your taste and lifestyle. It can turn your outdoor area – maybe one that’s presently unused or otherwise insignificant – into a beautiful, usable, everyday addition to your home.

Professional Design

We are committed to creating landscapes that are visually beautiful, functional, and environmentally sound. Working from a conceptual landscape plan or a master landscape plan gives you the opportunity to achieve your vision with control over timeframe, budget, and the end result.

Stone & Segmented Block Retaining Walls

Walls have many functions: from sitting walls, to boundary walls, to retaining walls, and more. We can construct walls from an assortment of natural stone, or manufactured block walls, depending on look and function you’re looking to achieve. With our talented craftsmen we can create walls that not only look good but provide reliable functionality, whether they be frame to a landscape, patio, or walkway.

Custom Walkways & Patios

We specialize in designing and installing hardscapes with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. A well-placed patio or walkway can extend the architecture of a home into the outdoor environment. We use materials like native stone, granite, bluestone, and clay or concrete pavers to provide the ultimate look and contrast to your overall landscape.

Pond & Waterfall Construction

A water feature or pond as a single element or part of a landscape design can create a wonderful focal point for your outdoor area. We create features ranging from pondless waterfalls to authentic streams and ponds, which are both natural in appearance and function.

Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting provides drama and functionality. Well-designed lighting highlights focal points and light pathways for safe walking and creates ambiance for outdoor gatherings. Lighting can provide safety and security by illuminating dark areas. We use only the highest-quality and latest technology for ease of use, all while minimizing energy costs.

Want to see examples of our work? Visit our portfolio of landscape designs and installations.

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